TM-D700 fire up issue


I own a TM-D700 for long time. I always keep the unit switched on. Switch off will be taken place by power supply. When I switch PS back on, in the past the TM-D700 came up again. Now, suddenly,  it will not power up. I have to manually switch it on. Then it fires up.
Does anybody have any idea what causes this issue? 
Thank you for any help.

73 de 
DF8FS, Gundolf


I neveruse thepowersupply to power on/offense radio, many because of power supplyspikesat startup. That can damage a radio. Use radio power on button, that's what it's for! Just my$0.02


Hello Ron,
I thank you very much for your impressiv help. You saved my day. Nevertheless, the issue will not be solved by this. Something caused it and that has to be found.

73 de DF8FS, Gundolf


Sorry to hear you still have the problem! I'll  do some more thinking about this!