TM-700A with AVMAP 5 Issue

James M. Nelson - KE4GWW gmail


Please bear with the long explanation.

We have a issue that has several of us stumped. There are three of us that
run TM-700s with AvMap 5s here in the local area. We have four DIGIs that
cover a good amount of the area we travel, with one iGate.

Several of us, have multiple SSIDs running, i.e... KE4GWW-1, KE4GWW-2,

We are not able to figure out how to configure our TM-700s and/or AvMaps to
display our own SSIDs with different suffixes.

What I mean by this, is... KE4GWW can see KF4OOP-1 and KF4OOP-9, but he
(KF4OOP-9) cannot see KF4OOP-1 on the AvMap. KF4OOP can see all of the
KE4GWW SSIDs but I, (KE4GWW-9) can only see my vehicle icon.

It seems to only display ONE callsign and ignore any additional suffix.

We can however place the TM-700s in PMon and watch the packets as the 700s
decode them. They will NOT however display as a received packet on the
TM-700 if you are not in PMon.

I have taken my Motorola 2600 Service Monitor around to each of the DIGIs
and verified that the deviation is correct at 1200 Hz, even though that
should not cause this issue. As well, we have checked the sensitivity of
each of the receivers. I really just used it as an excuse to make myself PM
each of the sites. They were all in the 4.0+ Khz range, but are all in the
4.5Khz range now.

This may be a known issue, or we cannot see the forest for the trees..

Either way, we are looking for input to solve this issue.



James M. Nelson


ke4gww at arrl dot net