Remote mode, external data

Rusty O



I am using a TM-D710G located in my barn.

I'm using a TH-D72 handheld from my house.


I want to use it for different functions.

Function one, Cross-Band repeat

Function two, External data for an AllStar node on VHF.


If I go to the barn and put the 710 into Remote Mode, I can turn cross-band on and off.

It all works fine.


The problem is when I go out of cross-band and back to remote mode, the 710 ignores the external data.

I have my UHF control on the 'B' side and my controlled channel on the 'A' side.

External data is also set for the 'A' side.


Can I go back and forth between the two modes without going out to the barn to restart the radio each time?

Is there some way to send external data on the 'A' side when the 710 is in Remote Mode?




Rusty O