Power for accessory?

Ed Pavlovic

I'm wondering if anyone on the group might have a suggestion. I'm using a Motorola amplified speaker that runs on 12 volts (for a MTS2000 convertacom) to get more volume out of my TMD700A. It works great for what I need. Until this point, I've always used the 12 volt outlet in the mobile for the radio and the amplified speaker, but I'm adding a more permanent power lead from the battery for the radio and the speaker. The radio can be turned on and off easy, but I'm concerned about leaving the speaker powered all the time. I have not checked the standby current draw of the speaker yet.

Is there any way to possibly power a relay off of the TMD700A to switch the 12 volts to the speaker when you turn the TMD700A on and off?

If not I guess you could use a circuit to sense the current draw from the TMD700A to switch the speaker power relay.