Off Topic ! HK Postal CHanges

Chrissy Murphy


The following is podted for the information of any member purchasing equipment from Hong Kong Dealers and/or via ebay

Rob. 2E0RHM

02 October, 2013 | 04:57PM BST


Recently the Hong Kong Post announced that all items posted by air are now subject to x-ray screening for regulated materials. This additional screening may cause delayed shipment due to no fault of the seller, so if you purchased an item from a seller in Hong Kong, please allow extra time for delivery - at least a week more than the seller's stated delivery time.

Also note that items containing the regulated materials are being returned directly to sellers and not delivered to the buyer. These items may include:

· Items with lithium batteries such as video cameras, walkie talkies/2-way radios, GPS devices, radio-controlled toys, Bluetooth headsets, smartphones/mobiles, laptop computers, shavers, power drills, tablets and portable DVD players

· Liquid beauty products, including fragrances, colognes, lotions, and toner

· Items with "eliquids" such as electronic cigarettes and lighters

If you don't receive your item after waiting the additional week, please contact your seller. If your item was returned to the seller, you should receive a refund. If you encounter any issue with a refund, you can file a case.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

The eBay team

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