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File : /K9DCI's Excel CAT & Beginner Guide & Mic quick guide/APRS Beginner Guide - K9DCI Ver 5-1.pdf
Uploaded by : noskosteve <>
Description : Basic information that is more up to date than much info on the web. Minor rev. June 2015. Vers 5.1.M Also @

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noskosteve <>

Michael Krochter

Steve...thanks for the update on APRS. Some good info in this article.




Thank you.    It is one of several papers I looked for when I got interested in something, but couldn't find, so I wrote them.   It's a curse at times...  (;-)


It I got an email reporting a typo and uploaded it back here and on the D7 Files area.


BTW.  If you find any section that is difficult to understand please let me know and we can work to make it better.  I did my best to make it easier to understand than other older things on the Net.  APRS isn't plug-n-play and taks lots of understanding.

73 Steve, K9DCI
Science and Technical Advisor
Acting Displays Manager    

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