Message repeating endlessly K8PNW-9

R. Patrick Ryan

Here is an interesting issue with a TM-D710 mobile user who has an APRS message that he tried to send, but this or a partial message has repeated >1000 times.
Tried to send an APRS one-line to this mobile, but no change.
Maybe he will get this email, but wondered if this group has seen this before?

FULL Message
 K8PNW-9>W8MAI-15: Nice ur on APRS today 73 Tom Home QTH Clarkston MI

Comment:146.840MHzT100 voice Aleart call me 

Location:42°45.50' N 83°25.50' W - locator EN82GS91AX


Two things to always remember if you are an APRS user: 
1. add your email address to your comment/beacon status
2. Power cycle your APRS radio periodically to clear buffers, like this stuck message.

73 de Pat Ryan KC6VVT

R. Patrick Ryan
ARS: KC6VVT Grid: EN51lf
email: kc6vvt@...
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David Ranch

Look at the raw packets:

2015-12-05 21:12:29 PST: K8PNW-9>APK102,WIDE1-1,WIDE2-1,WIDE1,WIDE2-1,WIDE1,WIDE1,WIDE1,WIDE1,W9MQB,WIDE1,W9LTA-10,WIDE2*,qAR,KC8HJN::W8MAI-15 :Nice ur o [Duplicate message content]

That looks like a seriously misconfigured radio and some legacy digipeaters around that location.