Links for Software & SkyCommand Cables For TM-D700 & TM-D710

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Here are some links that should get you to the interface cables needed to access the radio and configure / operate Skycommand mode. There are of course others who sell the same cables, so you can shop around for price.

Kenwood TS-480 TM-D700A ** Cable Set ** Sky Command

  <= Note these are for the TMD700

The following link will open a page that has just about all the cables you should need.**+Cable+Set+**+Sky+Command+.TRS0&_nkw=Kenwood+TS-480+TM-D710A+**+Cable+Set+**+Sky+Command+&_sacat=0

  <= Note these are for the TMD710

Here is what I use for the software so I can save memory files. It is much easier to create and modify memory files on the computer and upload them to the radio than to create them on the radio alone.

KRS-D710G USB Cable & RT Systems Software TM-D710G

73 from Bill - WD8ARZ
South Bend, Indiana