K7RFW Using AGM Battery For Emergency Power

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Hello Ray, great to hear fro you. Great info on your battery system and what you have using it. Must feel good for your gear to be ready to be used regardless of commercial power status. Of late have been hearing more often in the news about power outage around the country. Just yesterday I picked up a fresh supply of AA, AAA, C, D & 6volt batteries. Vehicle and ham station are always on there own separate battery system.... so at least for a short while, we both can stay in the information loop on what is going on locally and around the world.

When I read your part about forgetting to turn on the power supply for charging, I took a look at mine, and sure enough I hadnt turned it on yet even though the ham rig is on monitoring hf .... hi hi Charging power supply is now on .... grin.

Thanks for sharing your details Ray. Hope to work you on HF one day.

73 from Bill - WD8ARZ

On 10/22/2016 5:36 AM, Ray Amazon ray2amazon@yahoo.com [TMD700A] wrote:
Hi Bill,

I have done something like that for over 11 years now. My VHF/UHF first set up was a 3 AH battery from a security system, the PG40S, and a home made analog 12V 2A power supply that I designed and made in college (too many years ago) and eventually I was given an Astron RS-4A power supply. I bought a PowerSonic 8A battery in 2011 and last year I picked up an 18 AH battery from a security panel change out. All have Anderson pigtails connected for fast change outs. I normally only have one radio on so I do not worry about the voltage drop all that much and prefer the slightly longer run time instead (booster does have losses).

Sometimes I forget to turn on the power supply and call a net for about 40 minutes on battery (Usually 50 W) and it only takes about an hour for that little 4A supply to charge up the battery. For most of the repeater nets I can run 5 W if I think of it, for which the battery will last a long time. The simplex nets take a bit more power (50) to reliably get into some stations.

Now my HF station has a similar set as yours, but I use a 15A supply, a 54 AH AGM Werker battery (good for about 6 hours of calling CQ at 100 Watts out when portable), and a N8XJK Boost Regulator. After about 9 years I am finally working on a solar panel setup for when I go car portable (need to test it out) so I can go longer than 6 hours. I am on my second battery in 9 years.

That 125 AH battery should last you for a week or three of power outage depending on how often you are net control, what power level you need to use, and how busy the net is.

Oh, my PG40S setup - ON the VHF/UHF system the power supply to PS, OUT is not used, BAT goes to a powerpole block and then to the battery and the radio. The HF system is similar except that everything is tied directly to the battery and I have extra pigtails for other 12V devices coming off the battery. Fuses of course........