I lost ability to have UISS/AGW make D710GA xmit in Packet-Mode

NR4U Bob

Well, I "done" it again.

Somehow NOW when I press a Tx button using UISS through Packet Engine Pro, I no longer get the radio to xmit.

Basically, I see two settings External TNC band and Internal TNC band, which confuses me.... though fiddling with them seems to make no difference.

I went about a week and could hit F5, for example, on UISS, and have D710 xmit ...I am using one port ... Tx-1, so have the correct Tx port selected.

Even if u don't use AGW and UISS, what primary settings do u use to make the rig xmit AX25 on either Band A or Band B ?

Personally, I'd been using Band B ... and 144.390 .

I have Com-Port turned on.
(601) Data Band is currently A-Band
(604) is ON
(918) EXT. Data Band = A-Band

If I hit F5 or F6 or F7 on UISS, I see the message appear On both AGW Monitor ALL page as well as on window of UISS .... but rig no xmit ...

but did a few days ago.

Cable is from USB/PC to control head into "COM"