Digipeating MY CALLSIGN TH-D74a to TM-D710G


I often hike with a KWD TH-D74a running APRS SmartBeaconing. Where there is no/little digipeater coverge, I’d like to park my car at the trailhead and use my KWD TM-D710G to pick up my 5W TH-D74a beacon and digipeat it out.

I looked at some older D700 information below that refers to the ability to digipeat MY CALLSIGN only, which is definitely what I want to do. As N4SRN-7 portable (TH-D74a), will my N4SRN configuration portable (TM-D710G) digipeat, or will I have to match the -SSID too?

also, that 2014 D-700 information notes "UIFLOOD TEMP: This setting should be set permanently in all D700
radios via the serial port to support backup TEMPn-N DIGIPEATING.

I thought that might be accessible via the MCP-6a app but I don’t see it under the Radio Settings. Is there another way to set that via PC or otherwise?

Elsewhere, someone advises that, if my D710G is N4SRN-1 then my D74a be set to path N4SRN-2,RELAY,WIDE1-1

Any advice appreciated!



Joshua KJ7LVZ

What do you mean by digipeat your callsign only?  You don't want it to digipeat your position?  Or rather, you don't want it to digipeat others' callsigns and positions?


Digipeat only "me" as entered in the MY CALLSIGN item, rather than anyone who hits my D710G.

I learned elsewhere that the D710G defaults to UIFLOOD TEMPn-N so that aspect appears already addressed.

Dave, W8AAS

The suggested path is not quite right.  It would have to begin with the call of the digipeater, in your case N4SRN-1.  I think that would work for your D74, but would also digipeat any non-specific paths the D710 hears (relay, WIDE, etc.)  There are a couple of other possibilities:
 - Use the path TEMPn-N on your D74 (choosing n and N as you would for a WIDE path, based on your desired coverage).  This would let anyone using a TEMP path be digipeated, so you might get a few other hikers, but I think not many people are aware of TEMP.
 - Look at the NETWORK setting.  If you pick a unique ALTNET for your two radios, I think that would keep your digipeater private to you.  However, I'm not sure how this would affect further digipeats beyond your D710; this needs some research in the manual.

Dave, W8AAS