D710ga questions

Stephen Brown

Hi all, 
     Picked one of these up at Dayton this past weekend and got it installed in my vehicle. 

Have a few questions: 

- If I am in memory mode, is there a way to display the memory name vs. the frequency? I see the memory name in small letters on the display, but would rather see the name if possible. 

- With APRS, if I set DCD to ignore and run the squelch open with the volume down, am I gaining anything from a decoding perspective? I've run APRS years ago this way in the past, just not sure it's optimal. 

I've been considering one of these for a while now, I've never had a Kenwood mobile transceiver in this series, but have had plenty of portables. I've had the TH-D7, D72, and now a D74. Fantastic radios, I suspect my experience will be the same with the D710 ;) 


Bill Simm

Hi Stephen,
    You should always have your DCD on,  otherwise your radio will transmit position beacons and digipeat  other traffic immediately,  whether the frequency is busy or not,   if busy they will crash with other packets being transmitted and be lost and just cause a lot of RFI on the channel.    When on the tnc will only transmit when the channel is clear reducing packet crashes and RFI.  
    I just turn the squelch up a little bit and turn the volume down on the databand.    You need to turn the squelch up a little to cut out the background noise static or the DCD will interpret the static noise as traffic on the channel and the tnc will never transmit.
              Bill (va1alw)


Stephen,  Send me an email at k9rod@...  and I'll send you a copy of the manuals.  Rod