D710: APRS and 4RRX1T? = mystery solved!


Honestly, this is weird. As stated, I am doing APRS and not AX25 Packet. On the Radio ONLY (no software or PC). This is entirely on both the D710 and a D72A. Different SSIDs same weird String prefix. Other D700/710 owners have similar Strings. They change "occassionally" if one looks at enough raw packets. Bob WB4APR suggested checking the unproto thinking the same as you did. Well, IT And ALTNET are both blank on both radios. I am not running AX.25 Packet nor PC Software for APRS. IT is ONLY Radios!

No one seems to know where this comes from and I am not the only one. Check APRS.fi and study the raw packets of other Kenwood users. Yaesu FTM-400 does something similar.

My Argent Opentracker has a fixed String prefixing all its packets. APOTU0 - and it does not change.
Most packets start with CQ but these do not.

IT seems to have many of you puzzled as well! Check your own packets on APRS.FI and see if it is a small group or all of us? I have also emailed Kenwood.

How did this even start? Because,
coincidentally; both myself and a local igate decided to switch to 146.825 and listen for the ISS. I emailed him when I noticed his igate "off freqency" gating my ISS packets to IS. He emailed me asking why I had such weird packet data. What got his attention first was my forgetting to set my path to ARISS. But he then noticed the strang string. And no one today can definitively say what it is and there is NO menu setting any of us can find to change it. Not even in CMD mode in a packet Terminal.

So, who will figure it out first! Maybe it is just a Kenwood joke LOL!

NOTICE: I jut received an email from my local iGate host as I wa writing this. Here is his response.

72/73 Phillip N8AYE

[Re: mystery solved!]


Had to dig deep to figure this out but consider it solved.

Your packets are in a format called "Mic-E"

The 4RRX1S is what is called the DESTINATION field in this format where in other formats of aprs packets this would be the TO field. 

There is a table of what these packets mean and those 6 characters translate to:

42 degrees 28.13 minutes North +0 Offset in Western Hemisphere

It's your latitude. 

Find the table in this pdf:  http://www.aprs.org/doc/APRS101.PDF

On page 44 following the page numbers on the pages or page 54 of the PDF. 

73 - Justin (N9ZTS)