D700 & D710 Crossband TOT reset Method


I know it's been a while, but I don't get over here very often any more.

I also listen to a 'distant' repeater and cross-band it to 440. I use a TS-2000, but the D700/D710/whatever can do the same thing. I can listen as well as operate the 'distant' repeater from my *dual band* handheld.

*IF* the 'distant' repeater is sending a sub-audible TONE, there is a sure way to "reset" your cross-band TOT as long as you have a radio (handy) that is capable of transmitting on the OUTPUT of that 'distant' repeater. I use a dual band Handheld for talking (cross-band wise) on that repeater, listening to it and resetting my Cross-band TOT.

It's manual, but a method none-the-less. Put the Cross-Band receiver in CTCSS Squelch for the 'distant' repeater. (I actually had to do this because I have so much router garbage, until I loaded things up with clamp-on beads, that is).
Then, to reset your cross-band TOT, simply transmit on your monitor rig on the _OUTPUT_ of the repeater, but with NO TONE. This causes your cross-band to loose tone detect, drop the cross-band and reset the timer. It only takes a kurchunk and you're good to go.

Hope this helps someone. My TS-2000 sits in cross band @ 5 W with a 20 dB pad and a short wire "whip" on the 440 side and I use it to talk to the drive-time guys still required to do so. I'm retired.

__IF__ the distant repeater is NOT sending Tone, there MAY STILL be a way. Try this if U have the capability.
Set the "Reset Radio" to transmit either plus or minus 5KHz off frequency from the 'distant' repeater _OUTPUT_ Frequency. (Whether this "reset radio" has a Tone on TX would be irrelavant).
If up 5 won't work, try down 5. Don't give up until you also try up and down 10 kHz. You may be able to de-sense the Cross-band receiver enough to get it to loose the 'distant' repeater signal and do the same kind of sneaky de-key/reset thingy (that's Engineer talk).

One fella built a PIC chip thing to talk to the his TS-2000 via serial port and periodiclly take it out of cross-band for some milliseconds and put it back every minute or so. Punches a short hole in things, but is "automatic".

... if it works, send money...!

And ... 5 W key-down should not be any problem. I actually re-set my D700 for more equal power (in dB) steps of 50/7/1 watts. Having a 3 dB step is rather meaningless for anything but lowering PA transistor heat dissipation.

Also FYI:
In reality, the 50W key/de-key cycling can actually be a very significant stress compared to 5 W continuous. I say "can" because these things depend on many factors, but power cycling is a very important consideration in Power Transistor construction and an additional stress factor leading to failure. Continuous operation means all is mechanically stable in one position, whereas cycling means things are heating (expanding) and cooling (contracting) repeatedly causing mechanical stresses inside the little buggers. Chip, header, insulator and wirebonds all bending back and forth, so to speak.
73, Steve, K9DCI

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Any way to extend the time out timer for a D700 or D710 when in the cross band repeat mode.  I monitor repeaters that have long tails and some hams do not wait for the tail to drop causing a time out of my cross band repeater.  I am running low power on both sides.  Tnx.WA2WWK  Ron

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