Control app for headless rigs

Jeff Laughlin

I've written a very simple control application for my headless TM-D700A, based on the control library I posted earlier.

Don't get too excited. It's pretty rough. It doesn't even actually control anything. It just displays the radio's basic status information in a terminal window.

That said, I've been using it daily for a week to operate my headless TM-D700A as a base station. When used in conjunction with mic control, this is app is sufficient to operate the basic functions and turn a paperweight into a useful radio.

There's also a script there to program the memories from a CSV file in ARRL Repeater Travel Plus format. I certainly would not want to program the memories with the mic controls.

I'm developing it on Ubuntu GNU/Linux. I think it should work on Windows too, and I'd appreciate any reports of success or failure.

You'll need Python 2.7, pyserial, and gevent.