Changing the menu default

Thomas M. Schaefer <toms@...>

One really nice feature is the ability to make the APRS menu the
default. I think this is menu 1-1-5. Also, the feature where you can
keep up to 5 different settings (total rig settings) and recall them is
quite useful. You can have DAY, NIGHT, LOCAL, DX Trip, etc.

I do not know if the APRS settings can be saved that way yet, but I will

You can save up to 5 different positions and recall them. This lets you
save positions if you do not have a GPS. It also lets you tell the radio
to send out a position even if that is not your real one. No one would
do that though! You can also copy a live GPS position and save it as one
of the five and name it.

The radio supports setting the internal time to the GPS clock. This lets
the time show on all positis and messages so you know when they came in.
You can also set a UTC offset ( -7 for MST) to get the time in local

Also, if you select P.MON which lets you monitor the packet traffic, you
should turn off the gps input. Otherwise you will just see the GPSTEXT
updated everytime your GPS sends data. It is not very useful with the
GPS enabled, so just turn it off and it is useful.

Also, I like to have my car (NY4I-15) digipeat, but I do it by name. My
D7A path is NY4I-15,WIDE5-5. If you set the Digipeat command in the D700
to ON, the default UIDIGI is RELAY. I do not want my car to digipeat as
a relay , so just clear UIDIGI to spaces and the only thing it will
digipeat is a packet with the exact call in the path. So, my DIGIPEAT is
ON, my UIDIGI command is blank and it only digipeats packets via

Did I mention this is a great radio?

No matter how you do it, if you use APRS, you have to buy one. Having
the D7A in the car is not even close to comparable. ( I have no interest
in Kenwood Hi Hi).

Tom NY4I