A few D700 follow up items

Thomas M. Schaefer <toms@...>

Someone posted a question about talking on one band and having APRS go
at the same time. This radio works like the V7A (I presume), since it
cuts out the VHF transmitting band when it is time for an APRS
transmission. You can change an option to let you wait until both bands
are quiet before sending APRS. If you use it for talking alot, this is
the option you will want.

The cross-band repeater function works nicely. I am transmitting on a
440 freq from my D7A and listening to a 2m repeater output on the D7A. I
have the D700 repeating the outbound signal and it works well.

One strange thing I have noticed is that if I look at any APRS display,
but I then transmit on the other band, it puts the display back. I would
like to read the display while I am transmitting. I tend to leave the
display on the POS function so I can see my own GPS info, but it always
goes back to the main screen. Does anyone know how to contact Kenwood
tech support so I can ask if there is a way around this?

If you want to extend the mic cable, I made up an RJ-45 coupler out of 2
RJ-45 to DB25 adapters. I could not find the small RJ-45 couplers. The
point is that this appears to work with a standard LAN cable without any
audio problems. You can use a standard 6 pin RJ11 coupler to extend the
control head cable. That is what I did and it works OK.

Tom NY4I