External GPS Antenna for TM-D710G ?


I, and others for me, solved the WxNow and Weather data issue.
So now I was trying to figure out how strong or IF the D710G is receiving any GPS Sats.

I "Think" I have the window open. Its got a Compass Rose then two parallel lines horizontal.
On one of those lines, a number and a square pops up sometimes. Then it all goes back to just the two parallel lines.
I take this to mean I am not really receiving any GPS Sats with sufficient sig-strength.
Upper right of the D710G screen is BCON iG&W .

So, that GPS(& Wx) 2.5mm jack on the Control Head ....can I plug an external GPS antenna into that so that the Rig will receive GPS?
And, was that screen with the compass-rose, the one that shows Sig-Strength on GPS Sats? My D710G manual, though many pages of foreign languages, did NOT cover the GPS are all to well.

The D710G is sitting about a foot from an outside, south facing, window. It is hardly convenient to hold the control-head next to the window panes.


Joshua KJ7LVZ

On your soft keys, press POS. Now press the right arrow u til you come to the GPS screen with a compass rose on the left and bars on the majority of the screen. This is your signal screen. If you don't get the arrows after pressing POS, your GPS isn't on. Your GPS is on if you see iGPS in the top right corner of the screen. 

The 3.5mm jack can be used for an external GPS receiver but not an antenna. I am unaware of any external antenna options.