TM-D701G Remote control from another?

Rusty O


I have a 710 at home and another in my truck. I can use a TH-D72A to control either in remote mode. I can cause them to go into or out of cross band repeat mode, etc with commands from the D72. My wife uses a D72 to control the home station when I am out and about.

I can also use a D72 to control the 710 in my truck when I'm in a nearby building.

All that works fine.

What I haven't figured is how to remotely control the home 710 from the truck 710 so I can extend my range to my club repeater.

Putting the D72 into "Mobile Control" mode is simple, just hold down PTT & MR while turning it on. From there on simple one-key-presses control the remote radio. I haven't found an equivalent sequence for the 710. Getting it to accept remote commands is simple, just hold down the REV button while turning it on. What I want is the opposite.  I want the truck 710 to behave like the D72 in Mobile Control mode.

There may be a way to do this using DTMF codes, but first I'd like to find a simple method like the D72.

Thanks, Rusty K7RMO