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I have lived on the Gulf Coast in that area and it is flat! I have to
assume that the digi's do not have a lot of height in that area and
hence do not cover very large areas. The Wide2-2 is not sufficient >
siting! Many of the mobiles here run Wide6-6 and Wide7-7 when away
from the cities so they can be tracked. I watched one yesterday with
Wide7-1 when it made the IGATE.
For you that want to flame, FIRE AWAY, I got a BIG BYTE BUCKET. You
check with the APRS ops in this area and they all say the same thing!

73, JIM
CDS digi
Thanks for the info Jim. In playing with the radio more today, I have
about decided the problem is not in the TNC myself. I have been runing
the "voice alert" (set PL100 for CTCSS - CT on display). I just
happened to turn it off today and bingo, I started getting digi'd a
LOTs. my interval is set at 30 seconds for today's testing (normally
set at 1 minute) and I would get digi'd at least 1 or 2 times each
minute. I say "digi'd" because "my pos" would appear on the display
and I'd hear beeps, usually 2 or 3 beeps - that tells me I have been
repeated by 2 or 3 digi's that are close enough for me to hear -
doesn't it? I turned the CT back on and suddenly the number of digi's
dropped a LOT. After 10 minutes of riding, I turned CTCSS off again
and the number of digi's picked back up agian. Of course it could be
different terrian, but this is over the same route I ride. I "think"
it means something but won't know for sure until trying a few more
times on different days on the same stretch of road.

Your statement about not having the WIDEn-N set high enough makes sense
because even with me getting digi'd 3 times (hearing 3 beeps) I still
would not make it to an Igate that often. Today's ride I'd get digi'd
at least 20 times on the ride, but come home and check and
there would only be 4 or 5 "tracks" and some of those would be several
miles apart. No where near as often as I was digi'd on the ride.

I will be out of town all next week, but will continue testing when I

Thanks to all for the input.

73 de Ken H> K9FV (K9FV-1 and K9FV-2 for testing)

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