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I also think you should try setting your path to Wide2-2. I do not
think that all digis will respond to the Wide1-1, and if that is the
case then your beacon will only be digi'd one time with the 2-1
portion of your path. That might not be sufficient to reach an igate.
The fact that when you are in some areas and are making it to an
igate most likely means that there is NOT something wrong with the
radio. One of the limitations of the D700 is it's memory capacity,
which can be filled and jammed by a large packet from another type of
TNC or system. If this happens the best way to reset is to turn off
and on the BCON.

You might also want to check your ability to get in the system with a
track on


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Well, after some more testing today it really seems like I do
problem with this D700A.

Here is the track:
What do you have it set to? Should be WIDE2-2

John - K9IJ
Thank you for the input John, I was using WIDE1-1,WIDE2-1 today.
the past week I've been using WIDE1-1,WIDE2-2 and I do get to an
IGate somewhat better, but still have the same problem - for at
95% of the time, ONLY the KI4ELU-7 digi will digi me first. Once
digi's me, I can make it ok.

If you looked at my track, you can see as I went on east on I-10 to
Pensacola, Fla I should have been in easy range of KB4HAH-7 and a
couple of other digi that are in the area... and i did not get to
of them.

I could see the antenna of the W4IAX digi and still could not get
into that digi. I set my path to W4IAX-7,WIDE2-2 today for a
Then I got into N4TKT-2 which 351 miles away. I expect a local
helped me there, but just didn't show. Could that have been the
W4IAX-7 digi and didn't put the call sign in?

I'll keep this short - I'm just VERY concerned my D700A has a bad
TNC board, and not sure how to prove it - it's only a month old.

I'm open to any and all suggestions. I will be happy to call you
talk if you will email me a phone number, OR I will email you a
number to talk this thing thru.

73 de Ken H> K9FV-1

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