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In the June 2007 QST magazine, page 62 Hints and Kinks column, KB1MVX shows how he built a low-cost power filter using ready available parts to cure alternator whine on his auto.

In case you don't have access to QST, the author's published email address is


Nigel P. Service,VE1NPS wrote:

I have just bought a new Pontiac Wave sedan which is identicle to the Chev Aveo sedan. Have mounted the 700 under the rear parcel shelf and have run #10s straight from the battery to the radio.(Positive and negative) Have also installed Kenwood's chokes on the lines as come in their extension kit and guess what, I have alternaor whine. Not loud so that it gets out on broadcast but we hear it in the car. Since the whine is getting into aftermarket equipment and not GMs factory radio------not their problem. What have others used as good filters for alternator whine?

VE1NPS Nigel

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