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Ron Cluster

I replaced the mic plug on my TM-V7A and in the process discovered that the
"black" wire in the old plug was actually the bare braid inserted into a
short piece of black insulation. (Sneaky......)

Twisted up the braid and inserted it into the "black" location, crimped, and
it all worked fine.

Quite possibly the D700 has the same mic pinout.

BTW - Kenwood tech support was clueless on the mic pinout. Suggested I just
buy a new mic instead.......right.....


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Oops, that's for the 4 meter mic extension cable. I'm still looking.

David Hoffman - KE4FGW


David Hoffman - KE4FGW

Anyone know the part # to the microphone cable assembly? I had my radio
out of the truck to clean off some of the dust and my dog chewed off the
modular plug. I tried putting it back on with no luck. Also, anyone
a radio with no control they are willing to sell?


au2th (AT) frontiernet (DOT) net

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