Re: Why Limited 900 MHz Reception?

Justin L. Ogden <n3thc@...>

Maybe someday that will change. Keep in mind this radio was designed in
1999/2000. Analog was still very relavant then. There may be other
reasons, too. There is also a band blocked between 1213 and 1229. I
can't come up with much on this.


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Wow, that's really a shame an FCC legally allocated amateur band
would be blocked to prevent us from overhearing someone ordering a
pizza. Funny thing to have a ham radio and one of the ham radio bands
it covers are blocked. The ECPA of 1986 is very outdated,
as most current cell phones are digital and conversations can't be
heard. What a backwards enforcement method . . .


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Some manufactures block the image frequency of the cellular band.
may be the case. If the image frequencies were not blocked, you
tune there and receive the cell phone call (with reduced sensivity
on the RF front end filters). That's my guess on why its blocked.


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ke4rws wrote:

Greetings everyone,

I realize sensitivity on the 900 MHz range is likely not great
but I
was wondering why Kenwood would have deliberately ommitted
the 900 MHz band from 913-935 MHz? This is smack dab in the
middle of
a US allocated amateur band (33cm) so this makes no sense. I
other models that offer 900 MHz reception don't have this block
as the Kenwood TH-G71A). Again, the sensitivity isn't wonderful
does allow reception of most local 33cm repeaters in my area.
I wonder if some of it might be an extension of the cellular block.
know cell phones aren't there, but paging, for example, occupies
929-931 neighborhood, which might have been considered
questionable. And

I'm not sure where consumer 900MHz cordless phones fall within the

I know it doesn't excuse the fact that they excluded a legal
band, but I can't think of any other reason.

Any other theories?

73 de Jason, KD4ACG

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