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Attached is the mic audio adjustment and fix. The adjustment fixed mine.............WA2NAN

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From: Chip G.
Sent: Saturday, February 24, 2007 9:23 PM
Subject: [TMD700A] Mic Audio

Hi all,

I've been receiving reports that my audio is very low. I normally
operate my D700 with APRS in band A and a 2m repeater on band B. When
receiving this report I've tried to talk more directly into the mic
and hold it closer to my mouth. Additional reports indicate that
audio is better but still low. Now I've been using 2m radios to talk
on the same repeater for 15 years, so I'm fairly certain I know how
to talk into a mic. So I'm beginning to suspect that it might be a
radio setting or adjustment. A ham I was talking with today mentioned
that some radios have settings to swap between wide and narrow that
helps. I couldn't find a setting like that on the D700, so I looked
in the manual. There does appear to be such a setting, but only on a
D700E not the A version I have. I also wonder if there might be some
other adjustment, perhaps internal, such as mic gain which will
improve my situation.

Any advice which helps improve my audio reports will be greatly

--de Chip (N1MIE) FN41bn

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