Re: Front end interference on the TM-D700E?

Jim Andrews <jim@...>

Surrey RAYNET made careful technical investigation into this
problem some years ago and as I wrote a piece about for Radcom,
I suppose that would have been 18 months or more back.
Leicester RAYNET have also used the DCI filters mentioned, purchased from
Waters & Stanton.

They are pretty-well guaranteed to stop all paging / PMR interference and
have proved very effective, including in a control room with no less than 12
other PMR radios (mobile sets) being used on the same mast as our aerial and
coax (all 150-160Mhz area) and not a peep of interference!

Radio used in this instance was a TM-732, probably the worst of all the
Kenwood 'wide' front end sets, with no advanced AIP control.

Jim, G1HUL

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Anybody had problems with their 700E or 700A when in close proximity
to paging systems ( 154Mhz )etc on VHF and also breakthrough on UHF?

A friend of mine bought a 700E at the weekend and it seems to be
somewhat susceptible to this. AIP is set to off, putting it on acts
as a 10dB attenuator or so it seems.

I have one but do not use mine in a RF interference area as a base
radio. So I have no complaint.

Phil Manning G1LKJ ( in the UK ).

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