Re: Front end interference on the TM-D700E?

Brian Davies <briandavies@...>

Hi All

As a matter of interest this specific problem is not restricted only
to the D700 series, it happens on many different makes of amateur
radio. The problem is the front end is wide band and will let in lots
of unwanted frequencies.

The cure is to fit a bandpass filter in the antenna lead. These are
readily available from the major dealers - I got mine from W&S.

Should anyone require further information I will be pleased to supply
it. Surrey Raynet made careful technical investigation into this
problem some years ago and as I wrote a piece about for Radcom, I
suppose that would have been 18 months or more back.


Brian G3OYU

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Anybody had problems with their 700E or 700A when in close proximity
to paging systems ( 154Mhz )etc on VHF and also breakthrough on UHF?

A friend of mine bought a 700E at the weekend and it seems to be
somewhat susceptible to this. AIP is set to off, putting it on acts
as a 10dB attenuator or so it seems.

I have one but do not use mine in a RF interference area as a base
radio. So I have no complaint.

Phil Manning G1LKJ ( in the UK ).

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