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Someone else mentioned removing the foam insert within the spring inside the mic under the PTT bar. Myself and another ham have found that you can remove the foam AND the spring. The caution is that without the spring the weight of the mic is sufficient to key the PTT micro-switch (which has its own internal spring).

Therefore, should you decide to remove both the spring and the foam pad and you do not want your rig keying when you do not intend it to then make sure that you place the mic hanger in such a location that the PTT is clear and that you ALWAYS use the hanger when not using the mic.

I initially removed just the foam pad as suggested in another message - however, found that this still resulted in fatigue in my PTT finger on long commutes. Removing spring and pad make use of the MIC a simple task.

Now if there were a solution to the audio response of the DTMF mic all would be well with this part of the D700.


At 16:01 4/17/01 +0000, you wrote:
Does anyone have trouble with size of mic?  Hard to keep it keyed?
Is there other Mics that work on the D700 that have up dwn keys?  I
wish the mic wasn't so large.


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