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On 4/5/01 12:26 AM, "Dave Hadler" <dave_hadler@...> wrote:

Your GPS is probably displaying magnetic bearing and the D700 displaying
true bearing. Change your GPS to display TRUE unless your using it with a
compass. If this is the problem then I suspect you have never used your GPS
with a paper map to figure out where you are going:-)

Cheers Dave
Well, as many of you have pointed out, it was definitely the magnetic
bearing that was at fault. Actually, it was me who was at fault 8-))). And
as Dave also pointed out, I have never used my GPS with a paper map to
figure out where I was going. I did attend a compass & map class 15 years
ago but I really never had the chance to use what I had learn at the time.

After setting my GPS to show True North, everything is working as expected.

Now, if only I could find my way back to that road I saw a while back, I
could probably get home in time for supper !!! LOL

As always, thanks for your help and stay safe !

73 de VE2JPT

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