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Dave Hadler

Your GPS is probably displaying magnetic bearing and the D700 displaying true bearing. Change your GPS to display TRUE unless your using it with a compass. If this is the problem then I suspect you have never used your GPS with a paper map to figure out where you are going:-)

Cheers Dave

From: Jean Pierre Magnan <incendie@...>
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Subject: [TMD700A] Strange problem
Date: Wed, 04 Apr 2001 22:05:25 -0400

I have finally hooked up my Garmin II+ to my rig earlier this week.
Everything works just perfectly except for a slight difference (20 degrees)
in the direction I am going (bearing). For example, when I'm coming home,
the bearing is 60 deg (east of course). On my TM-D700, it shows 40 degrees.
Everywhere I go, the TM-D700 will show 20 degrees less than my GPS.

I have tried to figure this on out but I can't. Has it happened to someone
else on the list ?

Also, this one is off topic but I thought I ask anyway. How do I get my
Garmin II+ to compensate for the daylight saving time ? I tried to find a
way in the menus but I didn't see it. I thought of changing my time zone but
it just doesn't seem the right solution. Any idea out there ?

Stay safe !

73 de VE2JPT

Jean-Pierre Magnan
VE2 JPT (Basic and 5 wpm)
Lieutenant, Notre-Dame-du-Mont-Carmel VFD, Qu´┐Żbec, Canada G0X 3J0
email: incendie@...
URL: (Go take a look -> Sorry it's in
french for now)

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