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Could the course deviation be explained by the difference between magnetic
north and true north?  I seem to remember my Garmin allows me to choose
which north I want.  My Garmins do not seem to be Daylight Savings Time
aware, (nor is the D700) I have to adjust them myself. So for a couple of
days each year I think about setting everything to UTC.

-philip, K4PJY
UTC-4 (for now.)

Deviation: That would make sense. I didn’t think about  this one before.  I’ll take a look and I’ll let you know.

As far as setting everything to UTC, that also makes sense. And since my car clock is always set to the correct local time, I do not have to rely on my GPS clock to arrive on time for my appointments !!! I’ll think about this one also...

Stay safe !

73 de VE2JPT

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