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Any tnc inititalization file is going to be closely tied to the software you
are using. There is no "generic" initialization that will work with every
piece of software you use, whether it be a terminal program (although those
would be fairly similar), or a full blown aprs program.

The initthd7tnc file I have is for APRS+SA....I have no idea what it might
do (or totally screw up) for you, so I'm not sending it, unless you are
using it with APRS+SA. (In which case you should have it already, as it
comes with aprs+sa.

I only caught the fragment of your comments...not the thread, but when I saw
that filename/extension it caught my eye. Make sure you're using the right
file for the right purpose or you could really get confused. (I know, I've
been there <grin>). Good luck. 73

hasan schiers, N�AN

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This is the second reference to a "INITTHD7.TNC" file, please email
it to me or give me a web site to get it from, is this part of the
aprspc software?? What software are you using when you use the TNC
functions of the D7/D700... For my normal packet usage I use a KAM
with a Yaesu mobile in base config and have used the D700 with
hyperterm also.
Bob Brandel
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Owner, LWS

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