Re: Garmin GPS3+ verses Etrex Vista

philip yanov <phil@...>

I don't know if the Vista has two way NMEA, but I doubt it. You can
probably check this out on the Garmin website. I would download the manual
and read it. The patch antenna in the Vista will be significantly less
sensitive than the antenna for the GPS III+. I have a GPS III+ and etrex
and my etrex has a far more difficult time locking in on satellites in
difficult situations. (e.g. around tall buildings, in an airplane, even in
a vehicle.) For use with a mobile D700, I would recommend the versatility
of the III+ over the etrex line.

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Date: Mon, 02 Apr 2001 17:20:50 -0000
From: rtrimbach@...
Subject: Garmin GPS3+ verses Etrex Vista

I'm planning on purchasing a new Garmin Etrex Vista and I'm wondering
if this should show waypoints like the III+. The Vista is a new unit
that has mapping, 24MB, etc. I understand that the Street Pilot does
not accept waypoints from the TMD700 but the III+ does.

Hopefully someone might have an opinion on whether this will work.

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