Using sub-band for data

Karl G6ODT <g6odt@...>

Can anybody confirm if this feature as described in the
TM-V7E manual applies to the TM-D700 ?

The TM-V7E manual says :-

Activating Data TX/RX Band
"If you prefer, you can send or receive data using a RX-Only
band where PTT is invisible. The Band with PTT is used for
voice communication."

I take this to mean that the Sub-band will operate on both TX/RX
for data and still give you normal operation for voice on the Main-Band.

Now as I beleive the TM-D700 is based on the TM-V7 can you do the
above ?

I'm still waiting to hear when the UK suppliers get their stock of the TM-D700.
I know of 2 who have them on order but as of yet no stock.

73 Karl G6ODT

24hr Digi 144.800 Relay,Wide,Irth,G6ODT

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