Re: Speakers: Will 8 ohm work???



As long as your speaker impedance is at the spec (4 ohms) or higher, you will be just fine. The only issues that may develop is when you try to go lower than the minimum load, or are connecting the speakers in a parallel arrangement. If you do that, it will cause the audio amplifier to work much harder and may eventually make it fail. Go ahead and use the 8 ohm speakers! Matter of fact, if you want to use two - 8 ohm speakers in parallel go right ahead! It will then be four ohms impedance which is just fine for the load rating.

73, -J- KC0JAN

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From: Jason
Sent: Friday, November 19, 2004 8:40 AM
Subject: [TMD700A] Speakers: Will 8 ohm work???

I know the manual states 4 ohm external speakers should be used. Has
anyone used 8 ohm speakers with success or failure???? I have
several 8 ohm Ericcson speakers I would like to use with my D700A.
Let me know.


Jason Rasmussen

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