Re: Blocking callsigns

Eric J Foster <ke1lb@...>

 I don't see anything in the manual on the topic other than limiting your range, which isn't the way. The sure fire would be to tell him it was funny the first time, but after 86 times it no longer brings a chuckle!

Keith Maton wrote:

This may seem like a strange request but is it possible to block particular
callsigns from a D700?

There is one idiot locally who thinks it's clever to keep sending me
messages telling me that there's a speed trap on the road ahead, or that I'm
a boy racer who should slow down when I'm within the speed limits.

I'm getting really fed up with it and want to be able to ignore/reject his
messages.  Can this be done?

Keith Maton, G6NHU
Visit, home of the first licenced APRS gateway in
the UK.
   - Careful with that Axe

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