Re: d700 dead AGAIN


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Took the radio into Kenwood mid december because the radio
turn on, nothing, no display. They gave it back to me after
a surface mount fuse and doing a tuneup of the radio. Now that I
just got to enjoying the radio while tuned up properly as well
levels are perfect now!) the display is gone AGAIN.

Has anyone found any details out about thise surface mount fuse,
values it is, and any suggestions for how to mount an external
This is really lame.

My best guess is it has to do with the fact that every time I get
of the truck I disconnect the face and put it away, as I don't
it to be a reason for someone to break in. (Here in Mexico.)

I had the same problem with mine, after the 1st replacement it
worked fine for a few months, then quit again. I returned it to the
dealer who replaced the fuse, but then took the time to thoroughly
check it out, and blew the fuse 2 or 3 more times! It turned out
that the pins from the components on the bottom of the circuit
boards had not been sufficiently trimmed at the factory and were
occasionaly making contact with the case, grounding and blowing the

Kurt Keilhofer

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