Re: d700 dead AGAIN

Ferrell Brown <ctkpgdmndn@...>

Dave I had the same problem. It is caused by the
fact that repeated removal of either cable with
power connected to the main unit (even though it
is powered off) unless you have the power lead
switched power still reaches the surface mount
fuse. Since this is the case unless you
disconnected the power physicaly from the main
unit you run the risk of this happening each
time. What happens in my opinion is that when you
power off the radio it only via software turns
the face unit off and power is still reaches the
main unit thereby causing the fuse to blow at
times when the cable is unpluged from either end.
This is pretty much what Kenwood stated in a note
when they retuned my radio. This certainly is a
design flaw but really nothing you can do about
it. Only safe way to disconnect the cable is to
first disconnect the power lead from the radio
main unit. Not very convienent if the unit is
mounted in a out of the way place. Anyway thats
the long and short of it. Hope this helps


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