Kenwood D-700 APRS Speech Contest (deadline extended)

Keith Sproul <ksproul@...>

The deadline is September 18th. Please send in your entries.

==== Kenwood D700 APRS(tm) Speech Message Contest ====

The Kenwood TM-D700 Radio has the ability to have a speech synthesizer
added to it. If you add this option, you can make the D700 'SPEAK' or
actually 'SPELL' APRS messages.

When you send a message to a D700 with the VS-3 Speech chip, it will SPELL
the call sign of the station that sent the message.

In addition to this, if you put a percent sign '%' as the FIRST character
of a message, it will SPELL the letters and numbers of the message.

For example, if I send the following message from WU2Z to WB4APR,


Bob will hear:


We are announcing a contest to see what kind of messages people can come
up with for using this neat feature of the Kenwood TM-D700 radio and the

Rules for the contest:

* There will be three categories:

The LONGEST message that makes sense.


The most original or funniest message.

* The winners will be announced at the ARRL Digital Communications
Conference in Orlando, FL, September 23, 2000.

* Each winner will receive a $50 gift certificate from Kenwood Radio.

* APRS Authors and Kenwood employees are not eligible.

* The judges will be the APRS Authors and Kenwood personnel that are
present at the September 2000, ARRL DCC in Orlando, FL.

* All decisions of the judges will be final.

* All entries must be sent by email ksproul@... by September
18th, or delivered in person at the DCC.

* PLEASE put D700 CONTEST as the subject of the email!!!

* You must have a valid Amateur Radio License to enter.

* You do NOT need to own a Kenwood D700 or VS-3 to enter.

* You do NOT need to be a registered user of any version of APRS to enter.

* You do NOT need to be present at the ARRL DCC to win.

* In case of a tie, i.e. exact or very similar duplicate message the
earliest received entry will win.

* In case of other ties, the judges opinions will determine the winner.

* All entries can be used by Kenwood and/or the APRS authors for demo
and/or advertising purposes. All entries will be posted on the Web after
the contest, with your call sign to give you credit.

* Entries that imply profanity or inappropriate content will be ignored.


The documentation for the Speech functions of the D700 are at:

There is also a copy of it at:

(If one is down, try the other, I will keep them both updated)

If you have questions about this contest, or how the Voice option works,
please send email to me at: ksproul@...

As questions come in, I will update the documentation if needed.

You may distribute this announcement to other places, but you must leave
it exactly as is.

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