Re: GPS & 700A

Philip Yanov <phil@...>

As you probably gathered from the replies, there is a good bit of
personal preference in your choice of GPS. I have dedicated a GPS
III+ to the use of my D700. An advantage of the III+ over the Steet
Pilot is that the GPS III+ accepts waypoint data from the D700. This
means that stations that you receive via APRS on the D700 are plotted
on the scrolling map display of the GPS III+. The beauty of this is
that you have a scrolling map of stations received without having to
have a computer with you as well. This feature does not work with
the Street Pilot and would be reason enough for me not to use the
Street Pilot for my D700. [KG4FOZ]

--- In TMD700A@..., "Howard Breitbart" <howitser@b...> wrote:
What GPS units have people found to work the best with the 700A?
those units, what features do they have? I'd like the positioning
info, but also like to use mapping features for navigation. I'm
looking at the GPS III Plus adn the Street Map units. If anyone
input, I'd appreciate it!


Howard, N2JIH

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