Garming Emap <> D700

Steve Siesel <steve@...>


I am going to interface my Garmin Emap with the data cable
which has a DB9 pin female connector to my soon
to arrive D700 radio. After looking at the docs, I am a little
confused and looking for
help from others who may have done this.

Obviously the ground is common to both connectors.
From the outer sleeve of the
2.5 mm connector to pin 5 on a DB9 male.

Now, does the Data in on the D700 (Tip on the 2.5 mm connector)
go to pin 2 on the DB9?


the Data Out on the D700 ( Inner Sleeve) goto pin 3 on the DB9?

Or do I have this reversed.

Any help would be appreciated.

- Steve

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