Re: APRS and the VS-3

Todd Ellis <ellistr@...>

Nope, tried that.

On another note, I called Kenwood this morning and spoke with a Clifford
fellow who was very helpful. He suggested that I reset the microprocessor,
and re-program the EEPROM using the PC software package. No one else has
reported the problem. I mentioned that I had a low serial number (bought it
in January), and he said that there haven't been any rev changes at this
time. I'll let you all know how that works...when I can find time to grab
one of my laptops and run it. Off to Anchorage in a few hours for a few
days. Oh, for a D7G for the weekend...

Todd Ellis, N2XL
Raleigh, NC

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Try turning the Beep on!


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