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Take a look at the ARRL website, you should be able to find some good information there.


Also, the AMSAT-NA site has loads of good info on most of the birds, take a look there.


There is an article in the newest QST magazine that lays out some simple operating procedures on UO-14, and has some info on SO-35 as well.  I highly recommend that article.  I’ve had pretty good luck with SO-35, and not so good with UO-14. 


I would suggest starting with SO-35.  It’s a pretty easy bird to work, so the frustration level will be a little lower.  Good satellite to cut your teeth on (I’m still in that mode myself).  The best place to go for SO-35 info is the SunSat web page.  You’ll find some pretty detailed operating instructions there, as well as the voice pass schedule.


Samuel, W7YYY


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I am looking for information for the beginner on tx and aprs through
Sats.  Any suggestions on where to look?  Need the very basic first
steps.  I am doing great on 2meter land base now want to expand.

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