Re: TM-D700 & Winaprs

Rick Giguere <rick@...>

I'm using it with no problem.

* Set the radio for TNC, not aprs.
* Be careful of port speed - don't change the defaults on the radio.
* I use the "Kenwood DC" selection from the TNC window without any

I've used it from both my laptop and my desktop ... used it Field Day with
the laptop for over 24 hrs and it never even burped.

... Rick / KB1CHV

On Sun, 16 Jul 2000, Howard Breitbart wrote:

Has anyone set up winaprs to work with the 700? If so, what are the
settings? I can't seem to get it to communicate with my radio. Other
packet programs & Kenwood's memory control program work fine, but not
winaprs. Any help is appreciated!


Howard, N2JIH

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