Looking for a GPS for my D700a or...help

William \ Hawk\ Bennett <nighthawk@...>


I am sorry for cross-posting this question, but I would like to maximize the
possibility of getting an answer.

I have the Kenwood D700a & bought the necessary cables to attach my Magellan
Tracker to the radio (data/power cable with loose wires). I have been very
unsucessful getting the lines to match up & getting the items to "talk" to
each other.

The D700a has a DATA IN (from GPS-red), DATA OUT (to GPS-white), & GROUND

The Magellan Tracker has a POWER (red), GROUND (black), NMEA+ (orange),
Data+ (yellow), Alarm (white)

No matter which I hook up, & configure the GPS, I can not get them to

SO, the "real reasons" for this message:
How to get them to talk or
What inexpensive GPS will talk to the D700a sucessfully (tried & true)?

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