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One thing I often do in these circumstances is insert a half dozen (or
whatever) diodes in series in the power input: assuming the appliance is
internally regulated, this does 2 things: bring the voltage range "more
safely" within the 16V or whatever, and reduces the heating up of the device,
by reducing the actual voltage on its input...

Christian D.

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Subj: [TMD700A] Re: Rand Mcnally GPS
Date: 2000-07-12 00:03:39 MST
From: (Ron Francois)
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I also did this using the Rand McNally, although you can run the GPS
receiver on 13.8V without a problem. They have been tested to 16V without
issues. You'll need some velcro to keep the receiver from walking around
your dash or rear deck.

check this link for more details and an excellect review

73's -K0STL

>From: Jim Murray <james31@m...>
>Date: Sun Jul 9, 2000 10:39am
>Subject: Re: Rand Mcnally GPS
>Just did this yesterday.
>Bought the Rand McNally at Best Buy for $79 and they printed out a rebate
>form for $20 at check-out, not a bad deal.
>Since I did not wish to use the GPS with a laptop, I cut the bottom
>of the GPS cable off, leaving a single cable going to the GPS unit.
>The R/M GPS Unit has 4 internal connections going to the cable with three
>wires and a shield:
>White Wire - Data Out (Connect to Red Wire on the Kenwood 2.5 mm GPS Jack)
>Yellow Wire - Data In (Connect to White Wire on the Kenwood 2.5 mm GPS

>Black Wire/Shield - Ground/Shield (Connect to Shield on the Kenwood 2.5 mm
>GPS Jack)
>Red Wire - 5VDC from PS/2 Port
>Ground from PS/2 Port (Connect to Shield on the Kenwood 2.5 mm GPS Jack)
>You will need to provide 5VDC to the Red wire that normally got it's
>from the PS2 port. I wired a 7805 voltage regulator to a lighter jack and
>got a bit warmer than I expected it would. It is now external to the jack
>a small heatsink while I figure out the next step. Maybe there is enough
>room in the GPS unit for the regulator. In any case, it seems to work well
>so far.
>Jim Murray KC5QWG

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