Re: Two problems with wireless.


Keith, don't know how long you have had yours or where you got it, but I had
noisy tx audio and I called HRO (where I got it) and they sent me a new unit. So
far this one has performed as advertised. Still don't like the amber display. I
would strongly recommend that you try for a replacement. I have worked
electronics for about 45 years and seems like when you get a new rig that give
strange problems right away they remain dogs as long as they last Good lock
with it.
Jerry K5QM

Keith Maton wrote:

I have noticed over the last couple of weeks or so that my TM-D700E is doing
two strange things.

With APRS running on VHF, and UHF on a repeater I can let go of the PTT
while chatting on the repeater and instead of getting a signal back from the
repeater, I get nothing. If I just click the PTT in and out again, the
signal comes back and it's OK.

Secondly, and this can happen whether I'm using UHF or not. The radio just
drops out of TNC mode, the TNC and BCON indicators vanish and the frequency
numerals change to being large as they do when the TNC is turned off. It
will stay like this for a few seconds and then it drops back into "Opening
TNC" mode, and is back to normal.

Has anyone else noticed anything like either of these, or got any ideas?


Keith Maton, G6NHU
ICQ: 1776683
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