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On Mon, 23 Sep 2002, Phil Reed wrote:

The squelch control has no effect until you repower the radio. I must try
several PTTs. I suspect a firmware bug triggered by a rare sequence of
events, the NIMA data being one of those events.
Makes sense. I don't know if you've heard it, but I was playing with the
volume control and noticed that while the volume knob turns smoothly, the
volume itself actually jumps up or down in discrete steps. It makes sense
that the control knobs are actually sending volume change commands back to
the main radio body, and if there's a firmware bug it could wind up
ignoring the volume or squelch commands.


...phil / w8sca

That is in fact the case. If you have a TS-2000 and the control software,
you may have noticed the same thing. No matter where the volume or
squelch are set on the "hard" knobs, you can adjust them with "soft" knobs
on the computer. If you move the "hard" knob on the radio, the
"soft" knob will immediately jump to the same position as the
"hard" knob. So, they are position encoders and not pots as one would
think. I think that this is a wise decision on the part of Kenwood. Pots
wear out and develope "scratchy" responses. Position encoders on the
otherhand, don't tend to have this problem.

73 de John - KC4KGU

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