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I think the big deal in the recent past was with the "cool blue" display
they put on the TM-V7. I know I had some problems with that one.

I have my control head mounted on the ceiling of my pickup, just above the
mirror mount (Toyota T-100) I do have problems reading the display from the
drivers seat, but it is due to the extreme angle that I'm viewing from.
It's really reflection from the plastic on the front panel that from the
display itself. When I've had it mounted in a more direct "line of sight"
position it's been great, except for the most direct sunlight, but even then
it's readable.

Samuel, W7YYY

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Talked to Kenwood about giving us some options for the display
They said that they had no complaints about the amber display being
hard to see in daylight. Am I the only one that hates the amber
I seem to recall hearing lots of complaints about earlier models
amber diaplays. If you don't like it, please let Kenwood know. If
like, my vote will not count anyway. Great radio otherwise.
Jerry k5qm
I've never had a problem with my D700 display and it sits
on top of my dash in the direct bight sunlight. It reads just fine
with no washout. Sounds like you have a defective head (weak display).


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