Re: Which microphone?


Speaking of TM-D700A microphones, I went to extend mine using an RJ-45 category
5 network cable and a female to female RJ-45 coupler.
Although the connector pins ohm out as being one to one, the cable doesn't work.
The cable is a pre-made network cable, 12 feet long, with RJ-45 connectors at
each end. The cable, and coupler, using an ohmeter have pin 1 connected to pin
1 on the other end. No pins interconnect.
It seems that this should work to extend the microphone, yet when it is
connected the receive audio is muted and the radio draws 8 amps current.
Any suggestions?

"John Shinall" <k4yk@...> on 06/11/2000 04:00:16 AM

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In the UK we don't get the DTMF microphone supplied with the D700E.

A friend in the USA is going to get me one, but I need to know what
mic is supplied with the TM-D700A


73 de Keith
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The mike you want is the MC-53DM Multi-function Microphone with DTMF.


John, K4YK

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